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Related article: QMRP will bring drug leaflets to the staffing. Pharmacist reviews drug leaflets with family, answers questions from family members, and provides counseling concerning the proper use of the medications. Documents teaching on GSSH Form 843 (Teaching Flow Sheet) and 650-H. **Documentation on 650-H must include a complete list of the drug leaflets that are being supplied. 2. If Pharmacist does not attend staffing but the family does attend: Prior to staffing, Pharmacist gathers leaflets and sends to QMRP. Team Leader give leaflets to family. Physician or Nurse will Will 5mg Of Clonazepam answer questions from family members. Pharmacist documents on 650-H and GSSH Form 843 that leaflets are being provided to QMRP or designee (at time of assessment). MD or Nurse will document on 843 form that leaflets are being given to Family and whether or not any further teaching has occurred. 3. If family does not attend staffing: Pharmacists gather leaflets and gives them to QMRP to send with post-staffing package to family. Documents on GSSH Form 843 (Teaching Flow Sheet) and 650-H that drug leaflets are being sent. ***If Pharmacist does not attend staffing will document at time of Pharmacist assessment. If Pharmacist attends staffing will document at the staffing if entry not made when annual assessment is completed. Social Worker 1. If family does not attend staffing: Documents on 650H and GSSH Form 843 that leaflets are being sent to family with post-staffing package. Physician 1. Discusses medication questions with family members either in person via telephone or written correspondence. PROCEDURE DRUG LEAFLETS FOR RESPITE ADMISSIONS INITIATOR OF ACTION ACTION CRU/Unit Staff Calls and notifies Pharmacist that client and family are available to give drug history. Pharmacist Obtains drug history from family. Provides drug leaflets for appropriate drugs to family. Answers any questions regarding drug therapy. Documents on 650-H the client�s current medications and dosages, a list of the medication sheets provided, and any other information as deemed appropriate by the Pharmacist. V-2. CLINICAL PHARMACY SERVICES I. RATIONALE To provide guidelines for clinical pharmacy services at the ECRH . II. GENERAL GUIDELINES Pharmacy Services will employ Clinical Pharmacists to provide a variety of clinical Will 5mg Of Clonazepam services to ECRH. An outline of the Clinical Pharmacy services provided is located in the Service Delivery section of this manual. The type of services provided will depend to some extent on whether Will 5mg Of Clonazepam or not the Unit is licensed as a Hospital or a Long Term Care Facility. In addition, the Clinical Pharmacist assigned to a particular Unit will serve as the Pharmacy representative in that Unit and shall be made responsible by the Director of Pharmacy for overseeing that their area(s) are in compliance with all policies and standards as set forth by Division (MH/MR/SA), Hospital, JCAHO, HCFA, Medicaid, ECRH Pharmacy Manual, Georgia Board of Pharmacy, et al. The Clinical Pharmacist will conduct monthly inspections of medication stations and file a written report to the Pharmacy and Nursing Departments. III. SPECIFIC GUIDELINES A) Drug Regimen Reviews and Team Meetings The Clinical Pharmacist will participate on patient/client teams (as appropriate to Area). He/she will conduct periodic drug regimen reviews (appropriate to the Unit) on a monthly/quarterly basis as appropriate. B) Consultation
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